CAROLE KIM: In one ear...and in another
Holter Museum of Art
October 21 - December 31, 2010
performances: Oct 21 + 22 @ 6:30 pm

“In one ear...” is a sound-driven installation in which interdisciplinary artist Carole Kim continues to pursue her interest in polyphony and text. For “In one ear…” the comprehension of simultaneous input is explored in a reductive, focused manner: one input for one ear, another for the other. Kim is interested in the process of how we engage with and try to make sense of these competing sources. What meaningful third text or fugue is the brain able to comprehend? What material would a writer/composer/artist generate for these particular listening circumstances? Although contemporary life challenges our attention span, Kim believes it is still a choice as to whether to passively succumb to the barrage of information. "In one ear..." takes a concerted look at the multi-tasking brain to inquire whether we can observe and understand it in a different way.
MUSIC: Scot Ray (slide guitar, electronics)

DANCERS: Becca Harper, Tami Jost,Tanya Call, Rachel Belling, Emma Esposito, Paige Esposito, Keely Larson, Rafi Padial, Elizabeth Compton

WRITERS: Caroline Patterson, Fred Haefele, Tom Walpole, Krys Holmes, Hilary Hoffman, Yvonne Kunz, Jeanne O'Connor's creative writing class @ Helena High School, Mady Schutzman, Adam Rosenkranz, Flint, Douglas Kearney

L/R SOUND COMPOSITIONS: Paul Kikuchi, Ellen Burr, Michael Dessen, Phil Curtis, Carmina Escobar, Mark Trayle, Kadet Kuhne, Steven Peckman

This project was funded through the National Endowment for the Arts, Helena Public Schools and The Treacy Co.